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Regular Expressions Quick Reference

Meta Characters
^ Start of subject (or line in multiline mode)
$ End of subject (or line in multiline mode)
[ Start character class definition
] End character class definition
| Alternates, eg (a|b) matches a or b
( Start subpattern
) End subpattern
\ Escape character
Pattern Modifiers
i Caseless – ignore case
m Multiline mode - ^ and $ match start and end of lines
s Dotall - . class includes newline
x Extended– comments & whitespace
S Extra analysis of pattern
U Pattern is ungreedy
u Pattern is treated as UTF-8
Base Character Classes
\w Any “word” character (a-z 0-9 _)
\W Any non “word” character
\s Whitespace (space, tab CRLF)
\S Any non whitepsace character
\d Digits (0-9)
\D Any non digit character
. (Period) – Any character except newline
Point Based Assertions
\b Word boundary
\B Not a word boundary
\A Start of subject
\Z End of subject or newline at end
\z End of subject
\G First matching position in subject
n* Zero or more of n
n+ One or more of n
n? Zero or one occurrences of n
{n} n occurrences exactly
{n,} At least n occurrences
{,m} At most m occurrences
{n,m} Between n and m occurrences (inclusive)


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